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Chris Docherty


Chris is a director with over two decades of global blue-chip experience focused on the development of export brands in agricultural & commodity sectors, adding value to primary products. Experience includes global roles with Shell International, the acquisition of Shell’s assets in the Caribbean and development of the SOL brand and the formation of the West Indies Sugar & Trading Company in the Barbados sugar sector prior to it joining the HADCO group as Caribbean Sugar Ltd. He established Windward Commodities in 2005 to invest in brands in commodity sectors leading to the development and sale of the Amor Café™ brand in Mexico to Ecom Trading, the largest coffee trader in the world, and development and licensing of brands in the chilli and honey sectors in Zimbabwe and the sugar sector in Fiji and New Zealand. He has a MA from Oxford University, a postgraduate diploma in marketing, has lived in 8 countries, worked in 52 others and speaks French, Spanish & Portuguese.

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